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About D1R


We realize there is a lot of music in the world, most of which you will never hear or know of its existence. Digital1Radio was formed in November 2010 with a vision to bridge that gap and to help establish unsigned artist so that their voices and music can be heard worldwide. Digital1Radio is for you, the unsigned, independent artists, producers, DJ’s and its listeners to showcase your music worldwide.

Digital1Radio operates very similar to traditional radio. The difference is your music will be streamed (broadcast) through internet radio reaching millions around the world. If the music director or A&R executives are not listening to your music, we will listen, and we will stream it so the rest of the world can hear it to. We are currently looking for music to feature so if you are a Poet, DJ, Singer, Producer, etc, please visit the Music Submission page and submit your information. The live internet radio stream has launched and we’re ready to feature your craft!



Showcase Your Music World Wide