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Stray Shots: It’s Been A Diss Song Kind Of Week In Hip Hop

Beef is in the air this week with a trio of diss tracks from (former?) Cash Money spitta Tyga, Funk Volume artist SwizZz and former Geto Boys member Willie D. The targets are different, but the aim to make poignant points are all the same. T-Raww himself must be feeling some type of way about the way business is run in the home of Baby and Slim. Then again, this has been a recurring issue for the label for quite some time. Since letting loose “Ill Mind of Hopsin 8” in early March, no one had directly responded on wax from Funk Volume. Taking up for the older brother and label owner Dame Ritter, SwizZz drops “Automatic.” Lastly, Willie D uses “Coon” to focus his attack on everyone from Charles Barkley to Stacey Dash.

However, are the records actually any good?