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Jayy Starr – Digitized Euphoria

Digitized Euphoria
What happens when you mix pure talent, perseverance, and versatility? None other than young femcee, Jayy Starr. Born June 4 at Daniel Freedman hospital in Inglewood, “I was destined to shine,” says Starr. Surpassing most female artists in her genre and going just as hard as her male counterparts “I couldn’t see myself doing anything other than music, I honestly can’t. I had two jobs, both of which I was fired,” laughs Starr “Music is me, and I am it.” “Do you really realize you are better than most of these mainstream rappers today?” says award winning Director Max Cole, also a good friend of Jayy’s. Being a South Central native Starr grew up in a single parent home

Braddy – The Harvest Season


The Harvest Season (Episode1) Is the NEW exclusive mixtape / album release by Macon Ga. Artists Braddy. Co starring such artists like: Mims, Keri Hilson, Soulja Boy, T.I., Ray Lavender, Scarface and many more. The Harvest Season is said to be the doorway into Braddy’s true feeling and emotions that he’s displayed. “I’m enlightening my fans on what’s been going on, how I been feeling and a few of the things that I’ve been through, that’s why I entitled it [The Harvest Season.] I just felt as if it was time to release a few feelings, and a lot of stress.” Braddy says.